ipCAMpanion is our latest mobile application. It is designed to allow you to view your IP-enabled web cameras from anywhere.

Setup your own cameras or add public cameras. Ask your friends if you can link to their cameras and show them how easy it is to view them remotely with ipCAMpanion.

Review the list of FAQs below for help. If you don't find an answer, send us your question and we'll add it to the list!

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ipCAMpanion allows you to control your own IP-connected cameras remotely through your iOS device. Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to view different areas. You can view publicly available webcams as well.

ipCAMpanion can handle several brands and models of cameras at once including Axis, Aviosys, Canon, DLink, Foscam, ICAM, Hawking, LevelOne, Mobotix, Panasonic, Solwise, Sony and many more. New brands and models are added often. If your camera isn't in the list, just email mobileApps@imagesetters.com and we will add your camera to the list.

Matrix view lets you monitor up to fifteen cameras at once. Double tap a frame to configure it and then monitor your cameras all at once. To view a specific camera, tap that camera's image and you will go immediately to the live view screen where you can view and manipulate the camera. A single tap on the matrix button takes you back to the view of all of your cameras.

Pans, tilts, and zooms are easy! Just swipe to move sideways or up and down, and pinch to zoom in or out. A double tap will zoom all the way in or out.