Welcome to the ipCAMpanion mobile application FAQ page. If it's been asked, the answer is here!

Review the list of Frequently Asked Questions below for help. If you don't find an answer, send us your question and we'll add it to the list!


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  1. How do I add cameras?
    Use the Manage view. Add your camera by specifyng the name you want to call it and a description of its location. Make sure you add your username and password, and select the proper camera Make and Model. Press Save in the upper right corner. The camera should appear in your Manager list.
  2. What's the Matrix?
    This is the place where you can view several cameras at once. It holds up to 15 cameras, and cycles through all of them to show you real time images. Double click on a cell to add a camera from your cameras list. Then a single click will take you to that camera's view screen. Click the Matrix button (top left) to get back to your matrix of cameras.
  3. Why is it slow?
    Depending upon your connection (wifi or cellular) and the camera type and location, the time to refresh the image will vary. Some cameras are connected to low bandwidth access points, so they take longer to send back the video. Also, when you are not in range of a wireless Internet router, ipCAMpanion automatically switches to a lower resolution to be polite and help access your video more quickly.
  4. I can't see anything. I'm sure I put in the correct IP address.
    Make sure that you also entered your user name and password, and that you selected the correct camera Make and Model from the pickers.
  5. It works fine at home, but when I'm away, I can't see my camera. It times out.
    Your internal network at home has a special set of addresses for each device. The router protects them from being seen on the Internet by using these addresses. You will need to "MAP" your WAN or outside IP address to a port number that points to your camera on the internal network. Your router will have instructions on how to accomplish this task. Then, add a camera to your list of cameras that points to the external address, followed by a colon and the port number (like and put something in the name or location so you can remember that it is the external camera. Then when you're away from home use this camera.
  6. My camera isn't on the list.
    Send us the make, model, IP address and a temporary user name and password (for testing purposes) We will create a driver specifically for your brand of camera and add it to the list!